Who is responsible for unblocking the drain? Me or the water board? 1/2

Who is responsible for unblocking the drain? Me or the water board?

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Who is responsible to unblock drainsThere can be many causes for a blocked drain. Before you try to tackle any blockage head on, it is important to know whether it is a blockage that you need to sort yourself, or one that your local water board needs to fix. If it’s yourself, then give blocked drain Liverpool today. If not, cal your water provider. The best way to establish this is to find out whether your neighbours are experiencing similar problems.

If the water in your house is draining slowly, or if your toilet water rises each time you flush, check to see if other houses in the area are experiencing the same issue. If they are not, then it is likely that you have a blockage somewhere in the drains on your property, in which case you will need to either clear the blockage yourself or call a drain technician to do it for you.

We particularly recommend calling a professional drain engineer, as there are many risks that come with trying to unblock a drain yourself, particularly the risk of causing more damage that will create a bigger problem. In this scenario you would be faced with a far bigger problem that is more expensive to fix, which is why we recommend calling a professional to take care of your drains for you with a guarantee of high quality work.

If your neighbours claim to be experiencing the same problem as you, then it is likely that there is a blockage somewhere in the public sewage system around your houses. In this case, your local water board would be responsible for sorting out the issue.